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Frequently Asked Questions: Criminal Charges

Reliable Answers from an Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer

Part of the process of building a criminal defense case is getting the answers you need and having a clear understanding of the process. As soon as you are notified of the investigation undergone, your best action is to contact a reliable criminal defense attorney and seek out answers.

At the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally, we understand how serious your situation is and we are ready to fight on your behalf. We are here to provide you with the answers that you need and deserve. For answers to some of the basic questions we receive, check out the Q&A below. For anything else, do not hesitate to contact the firm today.

  • Q:What types of cases do you handle?

    A:Attorney Matthew T. McNally proudly defends clients against a wide range of criminal offenses. Mr. McNally's criminal practice includes representation for DUI, drug offenses, theft, traffic offenses, white collar crimes, assault & battery, domestic violence, probation violations, obstruction of justice, weapons charges, sex crimes, violent crimes, hit & run, juvenile crimes, prostitution, burglary, fleeing police, criminal trespass, and public drunkenness.

  • Q:Do you accept both felony and misdemeanor cases?

    A:Yes, Matthew T. McNally accepts both felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. In fact, in some cases a client is charged with both a felony and a misdemeanor. Many times Mr. McNally is able to reduce felony charges to a misdemeanor. That being said, in general the penalties for a criminal conviction typically include fines, probation, time in jail or prison, community service, driver's license suspension, and a mark on your permanent record.

  • Q:Can I get my charges reduced or dismissed?

    A:Absolutely! Matthew T. McNally always tries to negotiate for a reduction or dismissal of his clients' charges. It's very rare when the charges in case cannot be negotiated for a reduction or dismissal.

  • Q:If my child commits a crime, do I need a special lawyer?

    A:If your child has committed a crime, it's important to hire a criminal lawyer who has experience handling juvenile defense cases. The juvenile criminal system is completely separate from the criminal system for adults, and has its own courts, judges, and legal protocol. It's important to work with an attorney who understands the laws and regulations governing juvenile cases, and who is familiar with representing clients before a judge in juvenile court. Attorney Matthew T. McNally has handled countless juvenile defense cases, and can provide your child with personal attention and a strong defense to increase his or her chances of avoiding a criminal conviction and adverse penalties.

Recent Case Results

See How I Have Helped My Clients

  • Drug Trafficking Charges Dropped
  • DUI & Drugs Charges Dismissed
  • DUI and Battery Charges All Charges Dismissed
  • False Imprisonment, Criminal Trespass & Simple Battery Case Dismissed
  • Family Violence Battery & Simple Battery Case Dismissed
  • Felony Theft Charge Dismissed
  • Fraud Charge - $400,000 Probation
  • Possession of Cocaine Charges Dropped
  • Possession of Marijuana and Traffic Tickets No Conviction
  • Theft by Shoplifting & Criminal Trespass Charges Dismissed

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