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Experienced Atlanta traffic ticket attorney Matthew McNally can help you if you have received a citation for improper passing. This is actually a serious traffic violation that may result in up to 6 points on your driving record, as well as a heavy fine. By working with a legal professional and challenging the ticket, you may have the chance to keep your insurance costs down and your driving record clean. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in increased insurance premiums alone!

Improper passing is a traffic offense that involves unlawfully passing another vehicle. There are particular regulations in place that govern how to pass another vehicle on the road. In certain areas, passing is not allowed at all. In other areas, passing may be allowed but the driver must still act cautiously and with regard for others while passing the other vehicle. For example, a passing violation may occur when a driver increases or decreases his or her speed or acts in another manner that either makes it unsafe for another vehicle to pass or that makes passing another vehicle dangerous. Improper passing of a school bus is the most serious form of this traffic violation, resulting in 6 points on a driver's record. Unlawful passing on a curve is a 4-point violation.

Although you have received a citation for improper passing, this may not mean that you have to pay the ticket and admit guilt. You have the right to challenge a traffic ticket in order to avoid paying the fine and in order to keep points off your driving record, and this is best accomplished with a competent lawyer to represent your interests. At the very least, a lawyer may be able to reduce this violation or minimize the potential penalties you may face.

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