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Drug Sale Crime Defense in Atlanta

Are you accused of selling drugs, or trafficking?

Drug possession is a serious offense in Georgia, and the severity of the punishment that could be imposed upon you in a conviction will be determined based upon the type of drug and the quantity. It is far more dangerous if you are accused of selling drugs, or the police have evidence leading them to believe that you had the intent to sell. This evidence can include having a quantity considered too large for one person to consume, a list of regular buyers/clients, weigh scales and other paraphernalia that is believed to be part of an illegal drug distribution enterprise.

A felony drug conviction will stay with you for the rest of your life, and will make getting a good job almost impossible. You could spend up to 12 years in state prison if you have a prior criminal conviction for a drug crime, and even good behavior won't reduce the term you will be ordered to serve. These laws apply for all types of drug offenses, including marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, LSD, and other hallucinogens and narcotics. If it is alleged that you sold drugs within a certain distance of a school, or to minors, the penalties imposed by the court will be enhanced, adding years to a prison sentence.

Drug Possession with Intent to Sell Charges

Due to the vague nature of a Georgia "possession with intent to sell" charge, it is quite possible to be falsely accused, and have only been found to be in possession of a substance that was for personal use. You may not be involved in drug trafficking and never have been, but were merely at the wrong place at the wrong time, and got caught in the net when a drug bust took place.

Work with Our Atlanta Drug Crime Attorney

It is extremely important to work with the right attorney who has experience defending Georgia drug charges, and who will carefully review all of the details of the case, in order to identify the most viable defense options. Matthew T. McNally is a criminal trial attorney with extensive experience in drug law and enforcement in Atlanta, and he can give you a fighting chance to beat the charges filed against you for drug possession or selling. Get in contact with him today to discuss how to proceed with your defense.

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