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Appealing a DUI Conviction in Georgia

Atlanta DUI attorney Matthew T. McNally offers legal services to clients wishing to appeal their DUI conviction. Regardless of the reason for filing an appeal, Matthew T. McNally can help you prepare your petition and guide you through the appeals process.

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Reasons to Appeal a Conviction

In Georgia there are two types of appeals: a direct appeal and a post-conviction appeal. A direct appeal, the more traditional form appeal, is filed with next higher court from the previous ruling court. A post-conviction appeal is filed with the same court that tried the original case.

There are many legitimate reasons for an individual to appeal a conviction, such as:

  • Important facts or convincing evidence was not submitted in court
  • Prosecution or the court failed to follow the laws that govern DUI cases
  • Convicted individual's previous attorney did not follow standard procedure
  • Convicted individual's previous attorney did not provide proper legal counsel
  • There were legal or procedural errors during the trial

How to Make an Appeal

If you plan to file an appeal, you must act quickly because you have a limited amount of time. To begin the appellate process you must file a petition with the appropriate court. Once you have filed the petition, the appellate court will review the original court files and decide whether or not the lower court’s ruling was accurate. After reviewing all pertinent information, the appellate court will either uphold the conviction or reverse part or all of the ruling.

Let an Atlanta DUI Lawyer Walk You Through the Process!

The DUI appeals process is complex, and mistakes can easily be made. If you are interested in filing for an appeal, it’s important to get quality legal counsel as soon as possible. Matthew T. McNally has successfully helped many clients file an appeal for a DUI conviction, and can help you do the same.

Mr. McNally can review your initial case, discuss your best options, and offer you sound guidance throughout the appellate process. With our firm on your side, your chances of achieving a successful appeal increase dramatically.

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