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Atlanta Lawyer Matthew T. McNally keeps his case count low, so he can provide each client
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Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney

Trusted Criminal Defense Backed by Nearly 20 Years of Experience

You deserve an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer who provides you with individualized treatment both in and out of the courtroom. As such, Matthew T. McNally is who you want in your corner if you are facing any type of criminal charges. A well-rounded Atlanta criminal defense lawyer, Matthew T. McNally is armed with extensive knowledge of how the other side of the law thinks.

Before starting his own law firm where he exclusively practices criminal defense, Matthew T. McNally served as an Assistant District Attorney both in the Coweta and Cobb County judicial circuit. This means that he knows who you’re up against and how the prosecutors will work against you because he used to be one, and can use that understanding to your advantage.

Matthew T. McNally is a distinct Atlanta criminal defense attorney because he will personally handle your case. You may be surprised to learn how common it is for cases to be passed off to other lawyers, which can create unfavorable outcomes. But Attorney Matthew T. McNally will fight your charges head-on by reviewing all the evidence, proactively engaging in the investigation, going to court and answering any questions you have along the way.

Matthew T. McNally has thousands of hours of courtroom experience and invaluable relationships with judges, prosecutors, sheriffs and bailiffs, which can be used to your advantage. Whether you’re facing domestic violence, drug or white collar charges, to name a few, no charge is too complex for Attorney Matthew T. McNally to handle. He has the knowledge and skill your freedom and future depend on.

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  • Payment plans available.

  • Has spent thousands of hours in court advocating for clients.

  • Will take care of you like a family member.

  • Always picks up the phone or calls you back quickly.

  • Keeps his case load small so he can devote more attention to your case.

  • Well connected in the criminal justice system.

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Rather than going at it alone or opting for a public defender, choose a trusted criminal defense lawyer who has proven to get results. The Law Office of Matthew T. McNally has nearly 20 years of experience and the insight of a former Assistant District Attorney to put toward your defense. Call (678) 918-4421 today to receive a free evaluation of your legal rights and options. You can also call to discuss financing options and payment plans for your defense.

My firm is proud to serve clients in Cobb County, DeKalb County, Douglas County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Clayton County, and Paulding County

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Attorney Matthew T. McNally Gets Results

He Brings Nearly 20 Years of Legal Experience

Steps in the Criminal Process

Depending on the nature of the charge and jurisdiction, the criminal process may begin with a formal investigation, which typically occurs in federal criminal cases. In contrast, smaller state charges generally begin with an arrest, which includes the reading of your Miranda rights. Part of it reads, “If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning.” But Attorney Matthew T. McNally knows that not all legal counsel provided by public defenders is equal, which is why he offers financing and flexible payment plans.

Once charges are filed after an arrest or formal investigation, the next steps you can expect include the arraignment, discovery phase and plea bargain. If a plea bargain is not reached, the case can move into the pre-trial motion phase before arriving at trial. The criminal process can be confusing, especially for someone who has never encountered the criminal justice system before. As such, don’t speak to anyone until you’ve spoken to a trusted Atlanta criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally.

When to Hire an Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer

The time to hire an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer is now, as the moment you are arrested is the moment the state begins its campaign to incriminate you or attempt to get you to incriminate yourself. You must also remember that you don’t have the luxury of waiting around to see what happens, or else you may suffer a conviction. Thus, as soon as you or a loved one has been arrested, it is best to act quickly and retain an Atlanta criminal defense attorney who can provide you with effective legal counsel to guide you through your case.

When you hire an Atlanta criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally, you can expect to receive unwavering commitment to your case as if you were family. McNally has dedicated his profession to advocating for the accused, and has established a proven track record for successful outcomes as a result. These are some of the many reasons you can entrust your case with Attorney Matthew T. McNally.

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My Clients Come First

I Keep My Case Count Low, So My Focus Is on You

  • Drug Trafficking Charges Dropped
  • DUI & Drugs Charges Dismissed
  • DUI and Battery Charges All Charges Dismissed
  • False Imprisonment, Criminal Trespass & Simple Battery Case Dismissed
  • Family Violence Battery & Simple Battery Case Dismissed
  • Felony Theft Charge Dismissed
  • Fraud Charge - $400,000 Probation
  • Possession of Cocaine Charges Dropped
  • Possession of Marijuana and Traffic Tickets No Conviction
  • Theft by Shoplifting & Criminal Trespass Charges Dismissed

Protect Your Rights

The Law Office of Matthew T. McNally  is here to safeguard your future & your freedom. 
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