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Atlanta DUI Attorney for Out of State Residents

Arrested for DUI in Atlanta but live in another state?

Facing a DUI charge in any state is a serious matter, but when you are visiting, vacationing or passing through Atlanta and are arrested and charged, you have a certain issues that must be resolved before you return home. If you are charged with DUI in Georgia but live in another state and have an out-of-state driver's license, the entire DUI process becomes much more complicated.

Not only will you be subject to the DUI penalties for the state of Georgia, but you will face these penalties in your home state, as almost all states share information about DUI. A DUI lawyer in Atlanta, who is knowledgeable about DUI law and how it impacts thoseliving in another state, is essential in helping you through your case.

Atlanta DUI Attorney McNally can help you make your way through the complexities of the case to pursue a better outcome for you, as well as represent you in court, often helping you avoid a another trip to the state for a court appearance. Turn to Attorney McNally today by calling (678) 918-4421!

Out of State DUI Representation in Atlanta

In the state of Georgia, penalties for DUI range from 24 hours to more than 1 year in jail, fines, community service, license suspension or revocation, and ignition interlock device requirements. Various factors determine the severity of the penalties that will be imposed. The state cannot suspend or revoke an out-of-state license but it can revoke your driving privileges in Georgia, and pass the information to your home state DMV where your license will be suspended.

You also might live in Georgia but have an out of state license. If you are charged with DUI and face license suspension, an experienced DUI lawyer can help you through the process of obtaining a Georgia license or seek limited permit driving.

Our legal team at the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally is very experienced in DUI charges, whether you are from Georgia or out of state. Contact our office immediately for a professional and effective defense.

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