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License Reinstatement After DUI

If your license has been suspended because of a DUI conviction, you may have the opportunity to apply for a reinstatement. In Georgia, anyone convicted of DUI can suffer license suspension for a period of 120 days up to five years, depending on driving record. If this is your first DUI offense within the past five years, your license will automatically be suspended for 12 months. After the first 120 days of this period has passed, drivers can apply for a reinstatement if they meet all qualifications.

If you are not sure whether your license is suspended, you can check your driver’s license number using the DDS database.

Qualifications for reinstatement include[1]:

  1. Driver has served 120 days of his or her license suspension.
  2. Driver has completed a Department of Driver Services (DDS) approved DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program, and can present a certificate of completion as proof
  3. Driver has paid the reinstatement fee.

Step 1 – The 120 Days Requirement

The first criteria is meeting the 120 days requirement. To find out how many days your license has been suspended, you can request a copy of the citation that caused your suspension from either the court that handled your case OR the law enforcement agency that issued your citation.

Example: If you were arrested for drunk driving by APD, you could contact the Atlanta Police Department to request information on your citation.

Step 2 – Completion of a Risk Reduction Program

The second requirement for getting your license reinstated after a DUI conviction is completing a DDS-approved risk reduction program. View this list of DDS approved schools for more information on locations where you can complete this required step. After successfully completing this program, the school will provide you with an official certificate that you can present to the DDS.

Step 3 – Paying the Reinstatement Fee

In Georgia, the cost of a license reinstatement after a first-offense DUI (over 21) is $200 by mail or $210 in person.[2] There is a $10 discount for anyone who pays their reinstatement fee by mail. If you would like to mail your fee, you must address it to:

Department of Driver Services (DDS)
Validation Unit
Post Office Box 80447
Conyers, Georgia 30013

In addition to the payment, you must also enclose your Official Notice of Suspension. If no Official Notice of Suspension was received or you do not have it, you may instead include your full name, date of birth, driver’s license number, address, and social security number. Along with your fee and Official Notice of Suspension OR additional info, you will need to include your risk reduction program completion certificate.

What to include in the envelope to the DDS:

  • Payment
  • Official Notice of Suspension OR full name, DOB, driver’s license number, address, and SSN
  • Risk reduction program certificate of completion

Your driving privileges will be reinstated after these requirements are met.




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