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Atlanta Weapons Charges Attorney

Fighting Weapons Offenses in Atlanta, GA

If an individual is found illegally buying, selling, or distributing a weapon or firearm, he or she will face weapons charges. In the state of Georgia, and individual can be charged with a weapons offense for crimes involving illegal weapons, such as automatic rifles, grenades, and brass knuckles, or for crimes involving weapons that are permissible by law, such a knives, pistols, handguns, etc. Regardless of whether the charges involve illegal or non-illegal weapons, all crimes involving weapons are very serious offenses that will result in a number of penalties.

Facing charges for a weapons violation? We can provide the aggressive defense that you need to protect your rights and your freedom. Contact us today!

Felony Weapons Offenses in Georgia

Because weapons crimes are felony offenses, the consequences for a conviction are severe. If you are convicted on weapons charges, you will be sentenced to no less than one year in prison, stiff fines totaling more than $1,000, many hours of community service, long probation sentences, and a mark on your permanent record. In addition, you will also lose other rights, such as the right to vote, the right to serve jury duty, the right to own a weapon, and the right to hold certain professions. The best way to protect your rights and avoid these penalties is to retain the legal counsel of an experienced Atlanta weapons defense lawyer. A skilled attorney like Matthew T. McNally can protect your best interest and fight hard to preserve your rights and freedom.

Get Skillful Defense For Your Charges

Matthew T. McNally is a highly experienced Atlanta weapons charges lawyer who has successfully defended many clients charged with a weapons offense in Atlanta. Mr. McNally is very skilled in handling cases of this nature, and can effectively defend clients charged with all types of weapons crimes, including:

  • Unlawful possession of a weapon
  • Unlawful distribution of a weapon
  • Unlawful sale of a weapon
  • Minor in possession of a weapon
  • Concealing a weapon
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Weapons trafficking

If you are faced with any of these weapons offenses, you must contact Atlanta lawyer Matthew T. McNally right away. These crimes are aggressively prosecuted by powerful officials. Mr. McNally can protect you from intense prosecution, and use his skills and expertise to vigorously defend you in court.

Do not head to court without legal protection. To schedule a consultation with Atlanta weapons charges attorney Matthew T. McNally, please call (678) 918-4421.

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