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Our society doles out very harsh punishment for the crime of murder, the unlawful taking of another's life, with the intent to do so. A conviction will mean a mandatory prison sentence for life, and in the state of Georgia the death penalty could be imposed. It is a terrible situation to be accused of murder, and if you are, you are going to need to find the most highly qualified, aggressive criminal defense lawyer in Atlanta to represent you. Defending a murder charge takes experience and hard-won knowledge to obtain the facts of the incident and create a winning strategy for your defense case.

Murder Defense Lawyer in Atlanta

Murder carries with it the intention to kill another, as opposed to accidentally killing another as in charges of manslaughter. These cases are usually complex, involving forensic evidence, witness reports, the results of police investigations and other data, all of which led to an arrest. Facts can be viewed in different ways, and at our firm, we have access to some of the most respected independent investigators to present evidence to support a defense case. An investigation would include examining forensic evidence, in-depth interviewing of witnesses, reviewing medical reports and autopsy reports carefully, as well as carefully inspecting the crime scene.

Our firm can develop a case for your defense, including call upon independent private investigators, medical professionals or other expert witnesses to challenge the prosecutor's evidence, as well as crime scene reconstruction experts when needed, among others.

Do not gamble with your future. If you are charged with murder, you must ensure that you have the best defense possible. You are innocent until proven guilty, but an ineffective defense by inexperienced counsel could greatly increase your chances of being found guilty. At the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally, our Atlanta murder lawyer is a zealous advocate who is 100% on your side. Attorney Matthew T. McNally's own past experience includes being an assistant district attorney. As such, he has invaluable insight and experience in how the prosecution will present a case, and how to challenge the facts to open the door to reasonable doubt that you are guilty. Contact our firm today so we can initiate defense actions for you as early as possible.

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