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Fight to Avoid Points on Your Driving Record

A red light violation is not a minor traffic ticket. It will lead to points on your license and fines. The city assesses further fines for a red light ticket if you do not respond within the 14 days. You will have other penalties assessed, and after 90 days, it will be sent to a collection agency. You only have a short period of time in which to pay the ticket, and in doing so, you are admitting guilt. Don't do it. You have another option – fight back.

At the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally, our lawyer can get involved in defending you against the ticket. As a former Deputy District Attorney for Cobb County, Mr. McNally has an uncommon level of understanding of the workings of the local justice system, and how to successfully defend against red light tickets. If you have been issued a ticket for a red light violation, don't assume you won't run into trouble if you fail to pay on time.

This is a huge source of revenue for the city, and the fines are collected aggressively. Not only that, but you accrue points on your license. Once you have 15 points, your license will be suspended. This isn't the only problem – your insurance company is going to raise your rates, and in the end, you often pay thousands more, as the increase continues for several years in most cases. For this reason, you should take action.

Should I plead "nolo" instead of fighting my ticket?

Many people think that it would be better to plead "nolo" rather than fight a red light ticket. The facts are that even if the judge allows this plea (which is up to his or her discretion), the violation will still show on your driving record and the insurance company will raise your rates anyway. There are options that can allow you to avoid all of the problems with your license, your insurance and your driving record. Call the firm and fight the ticket. As an Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer that knows the justice system inside out, you have a far better chance of avoiding all consequences. Call today.

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