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At the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally, our Atlanta theft crime attorney is highly skilled at defending all types of theft crime charges, including robbery, burglary, petty theft, grand theft, shoplifting and white collar theft crimes such as embezzlement and forgery. If you are facing criminal charges for any of these offenses, ensuring that you have an aggressive and talented criminal lawyer working with you is an urgent matter. The firm's founder is a former Deputy District Attorney, and has an exceptional level of trial experience – which is an advantage for you. Read the firm's case results for more information about the victories we have achieved in the past.

If you are facing charges for theft in Atlanta, get the defense you deserve today by contacting us.

Representation for Misdemeanor & Felony Theft Offenses in Georgia

There are a number of theft offenses, each with varying penalties. Some of the issues that can increase the penalties imposed by the court include the value of the items alleged to have been stolen, the criminal record of the accused, and whether there was the presence of a weapon, threats of harm to a victim or bodily injury inflicted in the commission of the crime, among other factors.

The firm represents the accused in all types of theft crime cases, both misdemeanor and felony, including the following:

  • Petty Theft - the stealing of property valued under $500
  • Grand Theft - the stealing of property valued over $500
  • Carjacking - the stealing of a car that does not belong to you when the owner is near
  • Shoplifting - taking merchandise from an establishment without the intent to pay for it
  • Grand Theft Auto - the stealing of another person's vehicle when the owner is nowhere to be found
  • Burglary - entering a building with the intention of committing a crime, especially theft
  • Robbery - stealing by way of force or threat
  • Embezzlement - an employee stealing funds from their employer
  • Identity Theft - the stealing of another's identity for the purpose of fraudulent activity
  • Credit Card Fraud - the unauthorized use of another person's credit card

What is Considered a Felony Theft in Georgia?

In Georgia, theft can be a felony or misdemeanor largely depending on the value or type of the property that is stolen. If the stolen property is valued more than $500 it is can be felony or a misdemeanor depending on the judge’s decision. If the theft offense is charged as a felony, the crime is punishable by one to ten years imprisonment.

Some other circumstances where theft crimes can be charged as felonies in Georgia include:

  • Theft of a vehicle part that is valued at more than $100
  • Theft of a motor vehicle
  • Theft of anhydrous ammonia
  • Theft of a firearm or another destructive / explosive device
  • Theft that involves breaching a fiduciary relationship
  • Theft using a computer or computer network
  • Theft of a bank or government property

Get a Hard-Hitting Defense for Your Theft Crime Charges

Atlanta theft crime attorney Matthew T. McNally has the uncommon ability to craft a carefully planned and executed defense case that can win, and the entire firm has a powerful dedication to those they represent in theft crime cases. When you are frightened about the future and are facing fines, incarceration and other serious penalties, you are urged to get in touch with the experienced legal professionals at our firm.

We have been recognized as a premier theft crime defense law firm in Atlanta. Once our team takes on a case, everything possible is done to seek a positive verdict or case dismissal, or in some cases, reduced charges or penalties, based upon the facts of the case.

Facing charges for theft? Call our firm today for more information about defending theft crime charges.

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