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Case Results

DUI & Drugs Charges Dismissed -

Client blood tested positive for drugs and alcohol in an accident. Arrested for 2 counts of DUI. DUI's dismissed. Plea to reckless driving.

DUI and Battery Charges All Charges Dismissed -

Client pulled over after a Falcon's game during a dispute with his passenger. After failing field sobriety tests, the officer arrested Client fort DUI and Battery charges. After contacting the prosecutor, all charges were dropped before being filed in court.

Possession of Marijuana and Traffic Tickets No Conviction -

Client facing possession of marijuana and traffic tickets. 2nd marijuana charge. Traffic tickets dismissed. Marijuana charge completed without conviction.

Felony Theft Charge Dismissed -

Client charged with felony theft. Record included one other theft and two other arrests. Felony fheft charge dismissed.

Drug Trafficking Charges Dropped -

Client was found in possession of over 200 grams of cocaine, 2 illegal firearms, and around $15,000 in counterfeit money. Client plead guilty to simple possession and ordered to serve 200 hours of community service. Once community service was completed, his probation was over and the case was dismissed.

Possession of Cocaine Charges Dropped -

Client was found with 4 pounds of cocaine in her possession during a traffic stop. Attorney Matt McNally filed a motion to suppress the evidence and questioned the techniques used by the police both before and during the traffic stop. After discussion with the District Attorney, all charges were dropped.

2nd Possession of Marijuana Charges Dismissed with Expungement -

Client was facing 2nd possession of marijuana. Attorney McNally handled 1st marijuana case - charges dismissed and expunged. 2nd charges dismissed with expungement.

2nd Possession of Marijuana Case Dismissed -

Client was charged with a second possession of marijuana charge in under 2 years. Through negotiations, the case was dismissed and the arrest does not show up on client's criminal record.

Felony Possession with Intent to Distribute Charges Dismised -

Client, who is a student, admitted to felony possession with intent to distribute narcotics at school. Result was no arrest and charges dismissed.

Multiple Theft Counts Completed with Probation -

13 counts of theft totaling over $27K. One count of identity fraud. 2nd felony conviction. Completed with straight probation and avoided arrest

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