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Charged with a Failure to Appear in Atlanta?

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If you have been issued a citation by police, it is dangerous to ignore the small print. You may be required to appear in court, and should you fail to appear, a bench warrant will be issued with your name on it. Essentially, you can then be picked up by police anytime, anyplace once this warrant is issued. At the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally, our Atlanta traffic ticket attorney can help you get this matter sorted out and help you fight to avoid being picked up and taken into custody.

Mr. McNally formerly worked as a Deputy District Attorney for Cobb County, and during his tenure serving in this capacity, gained a great deal of insight into how to navigate the justice system and get results. If you are at risk of being taken into custody for a Failure to Appear, get in touch with the firm immediately. Don't risk the humiliation and embarrassment that goes along with being picked up and taken into custody by law enforcement. Call now to schedule a confidential consultation.

About Failure to Appear (FTA) Hearings in Georgia

The first thing that you need to do is get in touch with the firm and get your case in motion. A hearing will be scheduled, and you will be required to appear. Just make sure you are not alone. Judges in Atlanta can be tough, and based upon the facts in your case, there are some serious repercussions. Your driver's license could be suspended as one aspect of a case of Failure to Appear. You simply cannot take chances in a case of this nature – get a top quality defender to get it under control and avoid the consequences that will take place if you don't.

Bench Warrants for Traffic Tickets

There is a great deal of trouble that can take place if you don't appear in front of a judge in traffic court or criminal court as ordered. You may have missed a court date because you forgot, you failed to understand that you were required to appear, or you may have been ill, unable to leave work or some other problem. In these cases, fast action by the attorney at the firm can help you to avoid the consequences of a bench warrant and being picked up by police at any time.

Call the firm now for help with your failure to appear case.

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