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Defending Drivers in Atlanta & Surrounding Areas

Traffic violations can range from minor speeding tickets to serious offenses like vehicular manslaughter. Whether you have been ticketed for a simple traffic violation or arrested on more serious charges, it's important to have an experienced Atlanta traffic ticket attorney on your side to defend your interests. Many people who have been ticketed for a traffic violation do not take their situation seriously enough. All traffic violations are serious offenses, and should never be taken lightly.

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Types of Traffic Violations in Atlanta

Atlanta Attorney Matthew T. McNally has been practicing in this area of law for 15+ years, and has successfully helped many clients fight their traffic cases. Mr. McNally offers defense services to people facing a variety of traffic violations, including:

Traffic Violation Penalties

The penalties for a traffic offense will depend largely on the type of violation committed. For simple, everyday offenses like a speeding ticket, the penalties usually include a fine, traffic school, and points on your record. If you commit a serious offense, such as hit & run or vehicular manslaughter, you could be sentenced to jail, much larger fines, community service, probation, driver's license suspension, and more.

Do Not Face Your Traffic Offenses Alone

Every time you commit a traffic offense a point will be added to your driving record. Once you have accumulated a certain amount of points, your driver's license will be suspended. However, an aggressive and knowledgeable Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer like Matthew T. McNally can help you fight your traffic violation and negotiate for a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

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