Manslaughter Charge Attorney in Atlanta

Voluntary, Involuntary Manslaughter, and Vehicular Homicide

The basic definition of manslaughter is the unpremeditated killing of another person. Although a form of criminal homicide, manslaughter most often involves deaths that are not preplanned and that may be accidental or due to negligence. For example, vehicular manslaughter may involve a situation where a drunk driver caused an auto accident that resulted in the death of another driver or a passenger. While this action was certainly not intentional, it is considered a form of manslaughter. Another example involving an intentional homicide may be a crime committed in the "heat of passion." A man who comes home to find his wife in bed with another man may react violently and kill the man or the woman. Depending upon the particular circumstances, this may be classified as voluntary manslaughter.

If you or someone you know is facing charges of manslaughter in Atlanta or the surrounding areas in Georgia, it is crucial that you consider consulting an attorney as soon as you can. A criminal defense lawyer with the experience and resources to appropriately and immediately address your legal matter will be a necessity if you are to have the opportunity to avoid a conviction and maximum criminal penalties.

The Law Office of Matthew T. McNally focuses solely on criminal defense in Georgia. Because we have limited our practice thus, we believe that we are able to provide even higher quality representation by building more resources and experience in this particular field. By contacting our firm and discussing your case with Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Matthew McNally, you can find out what can be done to address this situation immediately.

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