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Traffic School Information & Assistance in Atlanta

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Traffic school is often involved in any discussion involving traffic tickets or traffic violations of any kind. In some cases, a driver may be able to avoid having points assessed on his or her driving record by completing a state-approved traffic school course. This can have multiple benefits for the driver, including helping to keep insurance costs low and reducing the possibility of driver's license suspension in the future (if a driver accumulates 15 points within a 2-year time period the Department of Driver Services may suspend his or her license.) Traffic school may also be a mandatory part of a sentence for a more serious traffic violation such as DUI or a related offense.

If you would like to learn more about traffic school in Georgia or would like to learn about your options in attending traffic school to keep your driving record clean, contact the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally for a free consultation. Attorney McNally can look over your particular case and determine how to best assist you, using his knowledge of Georgia traffic law and his familiarity with defending traffic cases to give you honest, applicable advice.

Why Traffic School?

The purpose of traffic school is to re-educate drivers and help reduce the likelihood of traffic violations in the future. Traffic school may be completed over the internet or in person. This focuses on rehabilitation for the offender rather than solely on punishment.

Not everyone will qualify for traffic school, nor will all traffic violations be able to be addressed in this manner. By talking to Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer Matthew McNally about your particular situation, you can find out whether traffic school may be a viable option for you, and how to go about qualifying.

Contact our firm today for your free Atlanta traffic ticket evaluation.

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