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Atlanta Drug Smuggling Defense Attorney

Defense for Smuggling Charges in Atlanta

All kinds of drug charges, including possession or intent to sell are heavily punished in the State of Georgia. However, drug trafficking and smuggling charges are some of the most serious of all drug related offenses. The prison sentence that could be imposed upon a convicted offender can be far longer than penalties imposed for serious violent crimes. If you are charged with smuggling drugs, you need to consult a qualified legal representative with experience in drug crime defense as early as possible after your arrest. Exercise your right to remain silent and retain legal counsel immediately.

The term "trafficking" can apply to a combination of many actions involving controlled substances. These actions include manufacture, transportation, distribution, and others. These charges can also be applied if indirect evidence, such as the possession of paraphernalia associated with these activities is found. Smuggling is considered the act of illegally concealing and moving drugs across state or country lines, either on foot, by car, or airplane. The charges against drug smuggling are very serious and are usually filed in federal court, as state or international boundaries have been crossed. The penalties imposed in federal court are extremely harsh. Drugs such as cocaine and meth will allow for long prison sentences to be imposed if the case is not successfully defended.

Fighting for the Rights of the Accused in Charges of Drug Smuggling

As drug smuggling charges carry the heaviest prison sentences, fines, and probation periods of all drug-related charges, it is imperative that your defense gets underway immediately. If you are a victim of a rights violation, such as illegal search and seizure, it may be possible to get the charges against you dismissed. An experienced Atlanta drug crime attorney can often get smuggling or trafficking charges reduced to intent to sell, or possession, or seek out another legal advantage that could allow you to avoid a long prison sentence. Matthew T. McNally has worked on drug cases in Atlanta for years, and has achieved many notable victories in court. The sooner you take action, the better chance you have of avoiding conviction. Get in touch today.

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