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Prescription Drug Charge Lawyer in Atlanta

Atlanta Prescription Drug Crime Attorney: Fighting Back

Due to the potentially dangerous and addictive nature of certain prescription drugs, the state of Georgia has statutes that allow for heavy penalties for the illegal possession, sale or fraudulent acquisition of prescription drugs, as severe as the penalties imposed for other drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, crack, and meth.

Any person who is alleged to have been in possession of a prescription drug without a valid prescription from a qualified medical doctor will be punished in the same fashion as a criminal caught in possession of an illegal street drug. The most common prescription drugs that lead to an arrest and charge include painkillers like Percocet, OxyContin, and Vicodin. Others include anti-anxiety medications such as Valium and Xanax.

A prescription drug charge can be enhanced, with more severe penalties if convicted, in cases in which it is alleged that you had intent to sell the prescription drugs, that you forged or illegally altered a prescription, or that you were involved in doctor shopping. As the number of deaths related to prescription drugs now surpasses the number of deaths from street drugs in Atlanta, law enforcement is doing all possible to crack down on the illegal distribution of these medications.

Prescription Drug Attorney in Atlanta

Prescription drug abuse, particularly if it is alleged to have involved trafficking or prescription forgery can lead to a penalty of 10 years in state prison in a conviction. Many prescription drug users do not realize the severity of the punishments that could be imposed if convicted of illegal possession or distribution, and face serious legal trouble if arrested and charged.

If you have been charged with prescription drug abuse, or possession with intent to sell, you need to get in touch with an Atlanta drug crime lawyer with the experience to pursue any possible advantage, including a case dismissal or reduced charge, and who has the proven ability to present a compelling defense case at trial. Contact Michael T. McNally as soon as possible for a full case review. Your freedom could depend upon it.

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