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Marijuana: Possession with the Intent to Sell/Distribute

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There are specific circumstances that may lead to the government charging a defendant with marijuana possession with the intent to sell or distribute. This is a more serious form of drug possession that is typically charged when law enforcement has allegedly discovered large quantities of marijuana on a person's property or when other evidence is present that would indicate an intent to distribute or sell the substance: baggies, measuring scales, client lists, large amounts of cash, weapons and similar items.

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Have you been accused of marijuana possession with the intent to sell or distribute? It is important to involve an Atlanta drug crime lawyer who can get to work immediately to protect your legal rights and interests and address your concerns. These matters can be highly complex and you may be in danger of facing imprisonment in state prison for one to ten years. You may also face heavy fines and the burden of living with a felony conviction on your criminal record, something that may seriously impact your ability to obtain employment. It may also impact educational, housing and financial opportunities as well as your reputation as a whole.

Considering the serious and varied impact that possession with intent charges and a drug crime conviction may have on your life, acting quickly to retain the services of a skilled lawyer will be an important step to take.

Defense from Our Atlanta Drug Crime Attorney

As a former prosecutor and experienced trial lawyer, Matthew T. McNally is here to offer you the hard-hitting defense representation you need in the face of Atlanta drug charges. Possession with intent is a serious offense with serious penalties. Make sure you have an equally serious lawyer at your side to protect your interests, freedom and future. Call us today.

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