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Drug trafficking is a serious crime, much more so than being arrested for a small amount of illegal drugs for personal use. Drug trafficking includes growing and/or manufacturing drugs with the intent to sell and distribute, and/or transport, export or import the substance. Penalties for drug trafficking are far more serious than possession.

Consult with an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged with drug trafficking. There are several ways this crime can be defended, and an experienced attorney can help you.

Lawyer for Drug Trafficking Charges in Atlanta

If you are convicted of trafficking drugs, you could be facing very stiff fines and a prison sentence that could be for many years, even life. There are circumstances that increase or enhance standard penalties as well. For example, if you sell drugs to a minor, or you conduct drug sales or distribution on or near a school, prison time will be far longer. The type of controlled substance involved makes a difference in the level of the charge. You can also expect harsher penalties if you have a prior criminal record.

A defense against drug trafficking charges will require a full and complete investigation into the facts. Just because you have been accused of a crime, it does not mean you will be convicted. There is a risk in any criminal case, and there are innocent people serving time in prison right now. Being completely innocent is not sufficient to guarantee an acquittal. There have been cases where innocent people have unwittingly been found with drugs that belonged to someone else. In some cases, law enforcement officers violate an offender's civil rights and have engaged in illegal search & seizure, which must be exposed to the court.

Experienced Defense from Attorney McNally

Attorney Matthew T. McNally is experienced in aggressively defending his clients in all kinds of drug offenses. He is dedicated to the goal of having his client's charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge whenever possible, or pursuing a full acquittal at trial. For more information about how we can help you, contact the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally immediately, and exercise your right to remain silent. We will take over defending your case, and we are highly professional, motivated and we like to win.

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