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Have you been arrested for drug possession? Although this is typically one of the less serious drug offenses for which a person may face criminal charges, there are many repercussions that may affect a defendant for years or for the rest of his or her life. It is important to discuss your legal options in challenging your drug possession charges with an experienced Atlanta criminal defense lawyer. You do have the opportunity to fight your charges and win, but without the immediate, aggressive representation of an experienced attorney, your chances are very slight.

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Drug Possession in Georgia

In Georgia, drug possession is the crime of having illegal narcotics or prescription drugs for which one does not have a prescription in one's possession. This may mean that the drugs are on the person, in his or her car or on his or her property. Drug possession may be a misdemeanor or a felony offense depending primarily upon the type of drug involved and the amount.

The following may lead to more serious charges:

  • Measuring scales
  • Large amounts of cash
  • Large quantities of drugs

These items and other evidence may indicate the intent to sell the drugs and the defendant may face more serious possession for sale or possession with the intent to distribute charges.

Defense Strategies for Possession Charges

There are different defense strategies that a lawyer may use to fight drug possession charges. One common strategy that may apply is one involving an unreasonable search and seizure. Under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, a person is protected from searches and seizures conducted without probable cause. If a search was conducted of you or your property and law enforcement did not have a valid search warrant or probable cause to conduct the search, the drug evidence they discovered may not be used against you in court. Your defense attorney may be able to file a motion to have this evidence suppressed, which could completely alter the course of your case and your entire future!

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If you are facing possession charges, do not assume that things will work out smoothly over time. Take action and protect your future from serious penalties by getting in touch with a trusted Atlanta drug possession lawyer. Attorney McNally is an experienced litigator who will fight for the best possible outcome on your behalf. Learn more about your legal options with a free initial consultation!

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