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Assault & Battery Attorney in Atlanta

What circumstances can result in a charge of assault and battery?

Although assault and battery are technically two separate offenses, people are commonly charged with both crimes at once. Battery refers to the criminal act of using force to physically harm another person, or threatening to use force to physically harm another person. It is also considered battery to touch another person against his/her will in a way that is offensive or inappropriate. In many cases, battery is coupled with the act of assault.

Assault is defined as the unlawful act of threatening to use violence or force against another person to make him/her comply. In the event that a person uses a weapon to commit assault or battery, he/she can be charged with felony aggravated assault or felony aggravated battery. Aggravated assault & battery are very serious crimes that warrant much stricter penalties.

If you have been charged with assault & battery, work with an experienced attorney!
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Dealing With Your Criminal Charges

The prosecutors handling your case are going to come after you aggressively and do whatever they can to convince the jury you are guilty. You need to make sure you have a defense attorney who can protect your rights and vigorously fight on your behalf. Only with the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced Atlanta assault & battery lawyer will you have a chance of winning your case.

Attorney McNally offers nearly 15 years of experience with criminal cases and offers a unique perspective as a former Assistant District Attorney. With a strong commitment to the needs of his clients, he is dedicated to pursuing the best possible outcome for each individual client.

If you are found guilty of assault & battery, you stand to face a number of legal consequences, such as:

  • Jail / Prison
  • Fines
  • Community Service
  • Counseling
  • Restraining Orders

If you have been convicted of aggravated assault & battery, you can expect to face an enhancement of these penalties. In addition, a conviction can have devastating effects on your reputation, as well as the cherished relationships you hold with your family, friends, and neighbors.

Atlanta Criminal Lawyer: Offering Strong Defense Strategies

Atlanta criminal attorney Matthew T. McNally has been defending people in Atlanta for many years. Mr. McNally is very knowledgeable about the laws governing assault and battery cases, and can effectively handle even the most difficult and complex of cases. Whether you are facing charges of assault, battery, or both, Mr. McNally can provide you with the tough, unrelenting criminal defense and devotion your case needs. Mr. McNally knows you have a lot riding on this case. He takes his position as your attorney seriously, and will do his utmost to fight for the reduction or dismissal of your charges! Contact the firm today.

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