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Fulton County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Former Deputy District Attorney for Your Defense

At the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally, you will find a premier criminal defense attorney, and the firm serves all the communities in Fulton County with the highest quality service and professional skill. The firm's founder, Mr. McNally has a reputation for getting positive case results, and you can read some of the firm's recent victories so you get an idea of the quality of defense counsel the firm provides.

They represent the accused in a wide range of criminal cases, from minor misdemeanors through to the most serious felony offenses. Mr. McNally formerly served as a Deputy District Attorney for Cobb County, and has a great deal of insight into how to work within the criminal justice system and get results. You deserve the most effective defense possible. Don't take chances, call the firm today.

Handling All Types of Criminal Charges

There are many types of criminal charges that can be professionally addressed by the firm. These include but are not limited to the following categories of crimes:

Understanding Criminal Cases – How It Really Works

Although there is much to be said for a legal education, and all criminal attorneys must be licensed by the state, there is a great variation in the actual trial skills of attorneys. Not all lawyers enjoy going to trial, or are highly skilled in defense case development and presentation. Some lawyers almost always seek a plea deal – in some cases even for an innocent defendant. This can lead to tragic consequences, with a person serving time for a crime that he or she had no involvement in the crime.

You simply cannot take any chances when you choose an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer. You need a true legal professional that has the insight, skills and talent in defense law that could lead to a positive verdict. It is also helpful to have an attorney serving you that is well connected within the legal community, as if a plea deal is the only choice due to some factor in the case, how that deal is finally resolved has much to do with the communication skills of the attorney representing you.

Call the firm today if you are facing charges in Fulton County.

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