Atlanta Hit & Run Defense Lawyer

Accused of leaving the scene? We will fight your criminal charges.

It is illegal to leave the scene of an accident, and you are required to stop and render aid. The police are very skilled at finding a driver who has left the scene, and their investigative techniques have led to many arrests for this crime. Once arrested, it is imperative that you exercise your right to remain silent and connect with a top quality criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA.

At the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally, you will find a former Deputy District Attorney who has turned his talents to defending the criminally accused. His experience serving on the other side allows him to have a great deal of insight into how to craft a case that can win, or could lead to reduced charges or penalties, or the ability to seek a dismissal.

When Suspected DUI is Involved in Your Case

It is often assumed that drunk driving is the underlying situation, whether true or not. There are many reasons why a person could leave the scene that are not related to hit and run. One of the most common is simple: fear. There is a great deal of fear involved when an accident has taken place, and a driver could have taken actions while suffering from the stress of the collision that they would not have done in other situations.

It is well worth your while to speak with the firm before you make any decision. If you are under investigation in a hit and run, refrain from answering questions from investigators. You need a criminal attorney at your side protecting your rights throughout this process. Whether you are innocent or you have some responsibility in the case, the quality of your defense lawyer is the most important issue.

Get a Former Deputy District Attorney on Your Side

Having served as a prosecutor, Mr. McNally has seen the difference a highly skilled defense lawyer can make in a criminal case. In fact, all those who are involved in the justice system will agree that your lawyer, the skills he or she has, and the ability to craft a defense case is the most significant factor in the outcome at trial. Don't take any chances with your future. Call the firm today for quality legal counsel.

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