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Types of Drug Crimes

If you have been arrested on drug charges in Atlanta, you have a tough road ahead of you. Both the state and federal government have agencies devoted entirely to tracking illegal drug activity and apprehending those who violate state and federal drug laws. Once law enforcement officials are tipped off, they will immediately begin an investigation. As soon as they have recovered enough evidence, they will arrest you on drug charges where you will then be taken back the police station and put through rigorous questioning. During the legal process the prosecutor handling your case will come after you aggressively, and do everything possible to see that you are punished for your misdeeds. If you are found guilty you can expect the judge to impose a variety of penalties that will have serious implications in your life.

For these reasons, if you have been charged with a drug-related offense it's absolutely essential that you contact an experienced Atlanta drug defense lawyer right away. A good lawyer will be able to protect your rights and shield you from the attacks of the prosecution. Attorney Matthew T. McNally has been handling drug cases in Atlanta for many years, and can effectively defend you against all types of drug crimes, including:

Penalties for a Drug Offense in Atlanta

If you are found guilty of a drug crime, the judge will take into consideration a few factors before determining your sentence. First and foremost, he will take into consideration the type of drugs involved and the quantity of drugs involved. Crimes involving serious drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, etc. carry much higher penalties than those drug offenses involving marijuana. That being said, even a person charged with crimes involving marijuana can face serious penalties if the quantity of marijuana involved is very large. Other factors a judge will consider are whether or not you have any prior criminal or drug convictions on your record, whether you used weapons to carry out your crimes, whether the crime took place near a school, or whether your crimes caused injury, harm, or death to another person.

Common penalties for a drug conviction include months or years in jail or prison, large fines, suspension or revocation of your driver's license, possible probation, community service, and a mark on your permanent record.

Contact an Experienced Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing drug charges in Atlanta, it's very important that you take your situation seriously. There are many aspects of your life at stake when facing charges for a drug offense. In addition to legal penalties, a drug conviction can affect your ability to obtain good loans, earn professional licenses, and find a quality job. If you are convicted, you must realize that your family, friends, and neighbors may no longer welcome you into their lives.

You need to work with an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer who will provide you with the individual attention your case warrants and ensure that your rights are being protected from the very start. Atlanta Attorney Matthew T. McNally is committed to providing you with the attention and dedication that is needed for the best results, and will use his knowledge and experience of state and federal drug laws to vigorously fight your charges!

Call the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally to discuss the details of your case with a compassionate, experienced, and hardworking Atlanta criminal lawyer who truly cares about your future.

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